11 Signs and Diseases That Can Be Caused By Vitamin D Deficiency


Taking vitamin D while still young may be good for the body in the long run. Results from a study conducted by the University of Zurich have confirmed that sufficient amounts of vitamin D taken consistently are necessary to maintain bone health.Many people believe…


liquid vitamin D

Studies have shown that if you are deficient in Vitamin D, you are prone to at least 11 different diseases.
1) Flu and Vitamin D – Respiratory Infections such as the Flu are easier contracted if your body doesn’t have enought Vitamin D. Having suffient vitamin D guarantees that even if you do get the flu, it won’t be severe and your more protected against developing pneumonia. Some authorities believe that and adequate vitamin D status can be even more effective than the Annual Flu Vaccine.

2) Vitamin D and Muscle Weakness – Muscle Weakness can be a result of a Vitamin D Deficiency according to many researchers

3)Psoriasis – For many years many alternative doctors have known that external application of liquid Vitamin D is effective in helping some people with psoriasis

4)Kidney failure and patients who are on dialysis can be at risk of developing all the different deficiencies that are caused by vitamin D. Just in case you didn’t know, vitamin D has to be activated by the kidneys for it to work in the body. So you can imagine, how not having normal kidney function could be a reason for developing osteoporosis and other forms of vitamin D Deficiency. People on dialysis need to be taking an activated form of vitamin D. Regular supplements won’t work.

5)Diabetes and Vitamin D – A Study in Finland with over 10,000 children were given vitamin D and monitored for over 31 years. Most of these children had some predisposition to Diabetes. The incidence of Diabetes type 1 and 2 was reduced by 80%.

6) Asthma and Vitamin D – various studies have shown that children consuming at least 1200 IU daily of vitamin D had a reduction in asthma attack incidence.

7)Periodontal Disease and Vitamin DVitamin D increase the levels of cathelicidins and defensins in the body and mouth, helping the body keep under control the microbes present in the mouth. These compounds have germ killing effects.

8)  Cardiovascular disease and Vitamin D – a lack of vitamin D increases inflammation in the body and as a result can cause inflammation in arteries and has been shown to increase blood pressure levels by 67 %.

9) Vitamin D And Autoimmune diseases – The body’s immune system just goes crazy attacking normal cells if enough vitamin d is not present in the body. Conditions such as Idiopathic thrombocytopenia, Rhematoid arthritis, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis and Juvenile Diabetes can be prevented by having adequate vitamin D in the body.

10)Vitamin D and Mental Disorders – Seasonal Depression is just one of the conditions that can result from a deficiency of vitamin D. Many researchers are now finding that vitamin D is essential for normal brain development.

11) Vitamin D and Cancer – vitamin D can reduce the incidence of overall cancer by up to 70%. Stop worrying so much about skin cancer. Only about 15,000 people die of skin cancer a year while more than 300,000 people die from other forms of cancer. We are killing ourselves by not getting enought of this vitamin.

1. Nomura, G., et al., Vitamin D resistant hypophosphatemic osteomalacia associated with osteosarcoma of the mandible: report of a case. Jpn J Med, 1982. 21(1): p. 35-9.



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