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Treat Low Platelets with Zinc Nutritional Support

Conquer Low Platelets

Nutritional Support to Help Treat Low Platelets Just wanted to share a simple study on the effects Zinc deficiency has on platelets. Title: Low zinc status in rats impairs calcium uptake and aggregation of platelets stimulated by fluoride “Platelets from rats of low zinc status exhibit impaired aggregation in response to ADP stimulation. The abnormality […]

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Step by Step Indications for Low Platelets I just added a 23rd chapter to the extended e-Book for Conquer Low Platelets. If You want a copy just let me know. Many even after reading the e-Book “Conquer Low Platelets” don’t know what to do when their platelets start going down. They start just using isolated parts of the protocol with dismal […]

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Are Alternative Treatments Really Helpful?

alternative treatments wrote: LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Every year 38 million Americans try alternative therapies such as acupuncture and chiropractic treatments. How helpful are those and other alternative treatments? Consumer Reports asked its readers to rate them along with … See all stories on this topic ยป Comments: These are one of those reports that […]

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