Low Platelets

Low Platelet Symptoms – Foods That Combat Low Platelet Counts

Foods that combat low platelet symptoms

Low Platelets Symptoms or Immune thrombocytopenia is mainly characterized by a decrease in the platelet count. Low Platelet Symptoms or Signs are: Low platelets count Petechiae Bleeding gums Rare complications such as intracranial bleeding Heavy menstrual flow Prolonged bleeding in cuts Spleen can get enlarged Normal platelet levels are from 150,000 to 350,000.  A whole array […]

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Step by Step Indications for Low Platelets

http://Conquerlowplatelets.com I just added a 23rd chapter to the extended e-Book for Conquer Low Platelets. If You want a copy just let me know. Many even after reading the e-Book “Conquer Low Platelets” don’t know what to do when their platelets start going down. They start just using isolated parts of the protocol with dismal […]

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