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The breast cancer hoax revealed – A totally Preventable condition

wrote: It’s alarming how a growing number of young women are getting diagnosed with breast cancer – every year – throughout the world! But, there’s more to this story than meets the eye – no thanks to the “controlled reality” of conventional media outlets.Click Here to… Comments: Many of the unspoken risks for breast cancer […]

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The Double Face Of Fenugreek – Estrogen or Not Estrogen

women issues

Nature has it’s way of confusing even the most advanced scientist. How can one herb that blocks estrogen receptors in Breast cancer at the same time be good as an estrogen supplement?

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Fenugreek Kills Estrogen Positive Breast Cancer Cells

breast cancer

Our experiments show that while the soybean extract acts as a promoter of MCF-7 cell growth, the fenugreek extract induces apoptosis.

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Fenugreek Can Neutralize Chemicals that Cause Breast Cancer


This chemical known as 7,12-dimethylbenz(alpha)anthracene (DMBA) is used to induce breast cancer in rats. When Fenugreek is given to rats after being exposed to DMBA, Fenugreek prevents the swelling and overgrowth of cells that happens usually before Cancer sets in.

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Fenugreek – Increases Breast Milk Production Has Been Confirmed

Fennel increases breast milk

Many herbs and their traditional uses have been confirmed in the scientific community. This property of Fenogreek has also been confirmed in one study . This study came out in the Journal of Altern Complem Medicine.

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