Treat Low Platelets with Zinc Nutritional Support

Nutritional Support to Help Treat Low Platelets

Just wanted to share a simple study on the effects Zinc deficiencyConquer Low Platelets
has on platelets.

Low zinc status in rats impairs calcium uptake and aggregation
of platelets stimulated by fluoride

Platelets from rats of low zinc status exhibit impaired
aggregation in response to ADP stimulation. The abnormality has
been traced to defective uptake of calcium from the external medium.”

Emery, M.P. and B.L. O’Dell, Low zinc status in rats impairs
calcium uptake and aggregation of platelets stimulated by fluoride.
Proc Soc Exp Biol Med, 1993. 203(4): p. 480-4.

Comments: In simple words, a deficiency in Zinc can cause platelets
to stop sticking together to prevent bleeding.
This is important, because if platelets are low and because of a
deficiency in zinc they don’t stick as they should…then there
are more complications than usual.

A common symptom of zinc deficiency is loss of taste or smell.
But you can also test a zinc deficiency by getting the liquid form
and putting a tsp or a few drops in the tongue. If it feels bitter
you are probably not deficient. But if you don’t feel the bitterness
naturally present in zinc…you may be deficient.

Also, it appears that (according to this study)…fluoride can make
situations worse. So you might want to stay clear of fluoride in
water and get a non-fluoride toothpaste in health foods store.


Louis Cruz
Conquer Low Platelets

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    • Yasmine Azar
    • October 4, 2012

    Dear Mr. Cruz,
    My father is 70 years old and he is suffering from hemolytic anemia and MDS. He needs blood and platelets transfusions every 2 weeks. I have changed his diet now by stopping all prossessed food, dairy products and gluten free. He is having now green barley grass along with spirulina. Will these remedies help him in his case? Do you recommend giving him papaya extract to increase his platelets? Or anything else that can help his case.
    I was just reading the article above. Can i test the zinc with the zinc capsules?
    One more thing please; due to transfusions he has been having the Ferritin is very high in his body. Is there a way to decrease it? He has been taking folic acid that he stopped 1 week ago. Any other advices you may give us?
    Thank you in advance.

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